Our upcoming link(s) to the Dinosaur's of Culpeper County!' General Robert E. Lee - Headquartered in Culpeper several times during the Civil War Clara Barton - Famous nurse and founder of the Red Cross performed her first field duty in Culpeper at the Battle of Cedar Mountain Patrick Henry - Argued cases concerning religious freedom in Culpeper, Va. Courthouse A.P. Hill - Born in Culpeper, Va. and lived in what is now called the A.P. Hill Building on the corner of Main & Davis St. / a celebrated Civil War hero Daniel Boone - Lived in Stevensburg, VA for 3 years during the 1750's Walt Whitman - Famous American poet, also served as a nurse in Culpeper, Va. during the Civil War Ulysses S. Grant - Commander of the Union Army and later President of the US, resided in the Town of Culpeper for several months during the winter and spring of 1864 Lafayette - Marched through Culpeper, Va.during the Revolutionary War and returned in the early 1800's to be wined & dined at Greenwood George Washington - Employed by Culpeper County 1749-1751 as the official surveyor in Va.



Museum Galleries

Culpeper History
Description Culpeper has a vast history, and our exhibits range in scope from prehistory (dinosaurs) through the 20th Century. Major themes throughout the museum galleries include; geography, transportation, economics, domestic life and military conflict.

Triassic Culpeper:
The Dinosaurs of Stevensburg
Description Trek through Culpeper's Triassic period with the dinosaurs. Learn about our dinosaurs, their habitat, and the science of Paleontology, while examining a locally excavated pair of 215 million year old tracks.

Culpeper's First People: The Native Americans
Description Explore the daily lives and habits of Culpeper's first people, the Manahoac Indians. Discover the difference between arrowheads and projectile points!

18th Century Culpeper: Backwoods Virginia
and the Quest for Independence
Description Explore Culpeper's role in the settling of America, as well as the quest for independence. Learn of the legendary Culpeper Minuteman and explore the economic, political and religious challenges of this rural community from settlement through the American Revolution. While at the museum, visit the Burgandine House, a restored log cabin considered the oldest residence in Culpeper, to discover how 18th century Culpeper residents lived.

19th Century Culpeper:
The Civil War, Culpeper's Crisis
Description Experience the roar of cannons on the road to battle while viewing the Civil War through the eyes of Culpeper's citizens and soldiers.



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